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  • What happens when I click on [NEXT] of the Purchase page?

    You are taken to our store at FastSpring.
    FastSpring is an eCommerce company located in Santa Barbara, CA, USA.
    FastSpring offers a convenient and secure check out process.

  • Is there PrimaXL for MacOS?

    Unfortunately, PrimaXL is available only for Windows 7 or later.

  • What are the system requirements for installing PrimaXL.

    The system requirements are as following:

    1. PC with Windows 7 or later.
    2. Microsoft Excel 2007 or later (32 or 64 bits).
    3. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later.
    4. Internet connection for license validation.

  • Is Microsoft .NET Framework required?

    Yes. PrimaXL installer installs it automatically in case it is not already installed on your PC. Also, you can download it free from the Microsoft website (www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/).

  • How different is the licensed version from the trial version…

    You can freely install the trial version. However, not all the features of PrimaXL are accessible. In order to unlock the full potential of PrimaXL, you have to purchase and validate a license. In this case, you do not need to reinstall the software. Upon validating the license key, the trial version is converted into the licensed version.

  • How is the license key delivered?

    After purchase, the license key is sent by email.

  • Please, explain about Market Data on the ribbon menu.

    From Market Data it is possible to access Yahoo! Finance and download market data. Each user is responsible for compliance with Yahoo! Finance Terms of Service. PrimaXL does not store the data in a server. PrimaXL is doing what a web-browser would do: access the site and then display the requested values on an Excel spreadsheet.

  • How do you enter ticker symbols in Market Data menu form?

    You can directly type in the ticker symbols on the grid. Example: AAPL for Apple , MSFT for Microsoft, etc.

  • How do you execute the PrimaXL functions?

    Almost all the features of PrimaXL are executed through the functions. These functions can be directly typed into the spreadsheet cells or be executed from the ribbon menu. The latter way is easier and preferred in most cases. Some tasks such as market data download and drawing plots can be done only from the menu (there are no functions).

  • Is it possible to call PrimaXL functions from VBA?

    Yes. You can use the method Application.Run() to call PrimaXL functions.

  • How big a set of data can PrimaXL handle?

    First, let us remind ourselves that Excel is probably not a proper “big data” tool. Excel spreadsheets can only handle limited amounts of data. However, to give you an idea, the time that PrimaXL takes to fit or forecast using few hundreds to thousands of data values is almost negligible. Even fitting a time series of few tens of thousands of steps can be done within seconds. Also, linear regression analysis using a million data values can be done in reasonable time. The performance is closely related with the system specification.

  • How can I trust the calculation results of PrimaXL?

    PrimaXL went through several quality assurance tests. Also, PrimaXL’s performance was tested against other statistical programs.

  • What is the foundation of PrimaXL?

    The functions and features of PrimaXL are based on proven concepts from statistics, econometrics, computer science, finance engineering, etc.

  • How much can you trust a statistical forecast?

    Here, the main assumption is that during the forecast period the statistical properties of the training period remain the same. However, some unforeseeable event may happen and render the above assumption invalid. Thus, one should interpret carefully the forecast output. Also, one should consider that the forecast lies within an interval defined by probability.

  • How is the license key delivered?

    After purchase, the license key is sent by email.

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